We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

from Jingle James and Christmasianna


In which C and J plan for matrimony and start making preparations for a new member of the family, due in spring. Julie and Richard conspire to make them a really nice cabinet.

White Christmas
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Small civil ceremony in Vineland
in advance of big bash in January.


In which our protagonists celebrate 10 years of sharing life, laughter, and sandwiches. Christianna settles into her nursing career at Mt Sinai.

Winter Wonderland
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Algonquin during our 10th anniversary tour.


In which they bid adieu to the coffee shops and art galleries of Ossington for an apartment in Toronto's Annex neighbourhood. Christianna becomes an adult RN while James strives to make a mark in the children's media business.

Jingle Bells
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Last day in our apartment on Grove Ave.